2019 Dracula’s Blockchain Party

Dracula's Blockchain Party

23 June, Bran Castle, Transilvania, Romania

June 21st is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, so let the magic begin! In folk belief, it is said that powerful sorcerers make spells for love, prosperity and health using the energy of this day filled with passion, vitality, creativity and abundance. But our Transylvanian vampires have a reason to be happy as well: from now on, the day is shortening. Anything can happen in the dark, under the silver light of the full moon.

On this occasion, which happily overlaps with the Romania Blockchain Summit, Count Dracula organizes Dracula’s Blockchain Party at his Transylvanian castle. You probably don’t know yet, but the renowned Transylvanian Count is a big blockchain enthusiast and an important crypto investor. How else could he afford such a big castle in this financial climate?

After a tasty traditional dinner in the castle, we will spend a fascinating night with the Count. Bloody Maries will be on the house and no one will be bitten by the neck, unless you want to feel Count Dracula’s famous kiss. Nocturnal walks through the dark tunnels and secret passages of the castle, accompanied by Dracula or his servants, will make the experience an unforgettable one.

Count Dracula and his immortal friends expect you to be their special guest at a party like no other. Book your ticket now! Don’t miss a unique chance, we have a limited number of tickets!