2019 When and where

21-22 June 2019

Facade of Parliament House in Bucharest, Romania

The Palace of Parliament measures 330,000 m2 (~3,550,000 sq ft) and is regarded as former dictator’s, Nicolae Ceaușescu, most cherished jewel. By definition is one of the most significant sightseeing objectives in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
Since 1994, the building hosts the Chamber of Deputies and since 2004 the Romanian Senate has been headquartered in the Parliamentary Palace.
In 1994 the Bucharest International Conference Centre was established in the same location, according to a decision issued by the Chamber of Deputies.
Bucharest International Conference Centre will host Romania Blockchain Summit between 21st and 22nd of June 2019.

Unirii Hall

Will host the RBS Opening Ceremony with an audience of more than 2000 participants.

Tache Ionescu Hall

Will host the press corner, TV studios and the lounge area and will be the place where most of the business matchings will be made.

I.C. Brătianu Hall

Will be the exhibition area with booths of the partners and sponsors of RBS.

Human Rights Hall

Will accommodate maybe one of the most important debate, a round table about the government incentives and support for blockchain businesses.

N.Balcescu Hall

Will host the panels about blockchain in different industries and activities.

N.Iorga Hall

Will be the place where the fintech panel will happen and also some other debates regarding blockchain use cases in different industries.

Al.I.Cuza Hall

Will host the panels about blockchain in different industries and activities.

C.A. Rosetti

Will be the fighting battlefield between STOs and ICOs and will host some of the RBS panels.