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Romania Blockchain Summit is the largest Summit of the industry organized in South-Eastern Europe, bringing together the Romanian public sector, political decision-makers, developers, researchers, global entrepreneurs and leaders, and innovators from the blockchain industry.

To promote the benefits of blockchain technology and its use cases as one of the most important opportunities for achieving economic and social progress both at the level of Romania and at the level of the European Union.


JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest


April 14th 2020

Wall Street Capital

About Romania Blockchain Summit


RBS 2020 speakers

Organized by

Asociatia Blockchain Romania

“We stand at the precipice of great changes in the human society. Blockchain is not just a technology, it is a new way of connecting people, creating a radically new and innovative economy and society. And Romania, due to its unique advantages in human resources, IT tradition and infrastructure, cannot sit idle and watch. We must assume a bold position as pioneers and innovators, as regional leaders in the rising blockchain industry. To empower progress, we must stand together, with a united voice and communicate the advantages that blockchain technology brings to so many local industries. Our mission, at the Romanian Blockchain Association is to educate the public, to foster the development of a local blockchain community and to bring a voice in the dialogue with the regulators.”

Armand Domuța – President

EXCoin Futures & eWealthTech

“After 2 decades, the world is experiencing a major shift in how ALL organisations are being disrupted like when the Internet came into the forefront of all businesses. This impact and disruption are being fuelled by the adoption of Blockchain into most mainstream businesses. We are heading towards a digital society revolutionised by technology and the main purpose of this change is to simplify our daily processes and make our finance management cost-effective, secure and easier.
When it comes to our finances, we all want to have security, fast transactions and pay fewer fees than we currently do using traditional banking. I strongly believe that we need to be our own wealth and bank managers.”

Mru Patel – President of EXcoin Futures and founder of eWealthTech

Asociatia pentru Tehnologii Avansate

“The true potential of blockchain is the thing we value the most. DLT comes with a change of paradigm. We are switching from a centralized society to decentralization, from a centralized Internet to Internet 2.0. For the first time in tech history we have the chance to have more transparent, more secure and more efficient apps deployed on DLT infrastructure. Using the most fair algorithm developed until now, blockchain networks generate the closest to perfection consensus. Blockchain brings back the power to the user, it brings democracy on the web and it promises to make our lifes better. These are the reasons we are determined to strongly promote blockchain and its use cases until the mainstream adoption will be a real fact.”

Sergiu Draganus – Founder

Asociatia Blockchain Romania

“Blockchain is more than just a technology; it is a disruptive philosophy that carries the seed for great social changes. After centuries of creating institutions to embody the various aspects of the social contract, blockchain allows us to rewrite it in a simpler, more elegant way, to shape a society centred around the citizen more than ever before. Yet to reach the mainstream, blockchain as a technology and business model must become interlaced with the very fibre of our present-day economic models, into a fine broidery of seemingly polar opposites that actually complement each other to create a hybrid system that is more efficient, more secure, more transparent and more humane than the traditional model. To foster such a change and to empower the betterment of the human society through technology is our vision at the Romanian Blockchain Association.”

Adrian Stratulat – Executive Manager


  • Promoting to the international blockchain community the new legislative framework favorable to the blockchain industry adopted by the Romanian authorities and the public policy for blockchain assumed by the Government.
  • Establishing a dialogue between the Romanian Government, regulators and the private sector in the blockchain area.
  • Debate and identify the most important issues and use cases of blockchain technology.
  • Meeting the demand with the offer of projects developed on the basis of blockchain technology.

  • A platform for networking and business matchings leading to new partnerships that will generate new successful projects in the blockchain industry.
  • Promoting the skills, experience and knowledge of the Romanian blockchain experts.
  • Exchange of information and expertise between highly experienced investors and entrepreneurs and new aspiring entrepreneurs in the blockchain area.
  • Evaluating and awarding the most promising blockchain startups in the Pitch Contest.

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